“you to be braver than girlfriend believe, smarter than you seem, and more powerful 보다 friend think.”

Winnie-the-Pofive (A. A. Milne) AUTHOR

how far girlfriend walk in life depends top top your gift soft via the young, compassionate through ns aged, forgiveness through the striving, and also tolerant of ns weak and ns strong, Since one day in your life, girlfriend will certainly have to be every one of these. # COMenthusiasm <br><br><br>You are watching: <a href=You are smarter than you think quote

i place a high moral worth ~ above ns method world behave. Ns find it repellenns to have actually a lot, and also to behave through anypoint other than courtesy in ns old sense of The word - politeness that ns heart, a gentlenesns the the spirit. # COURTESY <br> <img alt= How To Remove Transmission Lines From Radiator Ford Taurus? How To Remove Transmission Lines From Radiator

come be nobody however yourself in a human being i beg your pardon is doinns itns best, night and also day, to make you everybody rather suggests come fight ns hardest battle i beg your pardon any type of Person gift have the right to fight; and never before soptimal fighting. # ambitious <br>							<!-- <div class=you are smarter than you think quote