One, two, a one, two, three, four< text from: >This is no great illusionWhen I"m with you, I"m looking for a ghostOr invisible reasonsTo fall out of love or run screamin" from our home"Cause we live in a house of mirrorsWe see our fears in everythingOur songs, faces, and secondhand clothesBut more and more, we"re sufferin"Not nobody, not a thousand beersWill keep us from feelin" so all aloneBut you are what you loveAnd not what loves you backThat"s why I"m here on your doorstepPleading for you to take me backAnd the phone is a fine inventionIt allows me to talk endlessly to youAbout nothin", disguising my intentionsWhich, I"m afraid, my friend, are wildly untrueIt"s a sleight of hand, a white soul bandThe heart attacks I"m convinced ns haveEvery morning upon wakingTo you, I"m a symbol or a monumentYour rite of passage to fulfillmentBut I"m not yours for the takingBut you are what you loveAnd not what loves you backSo, i guess that"s why you keep callin" me backI"m fraudulent, a thief at bestA coward who paints a bullshit canvasThings that will never happen to meBut at arm"s length, it"s Tim who saidI"m good at it, I"ve mastered itAvoiding, avoiding everythingBut you are what you love, TimNot what loves you backAnd I"m in love with illusionsSo saw me in halfI"m in love with tricksSo pull another rabbit out your hat