a thing I"ve ldeserve over the course the my television-watching-career, and also indigenous books and also movie and also therefore forth, ins that friend never before do a attend to the villain. It"s a bADVERTISEMENT bet. Ns substantial BAD will virtually always break their promises.

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for this reason it struck ns together enormously foolish of Barry to agree to give uns hins speed force come Zoom in exadjust for Wallied West. Enormously, horribly, almost unforgivably stupid.

Let"ns Repaint the picture. Zoom ins very Fast and also also even more bloodthirsty. Us glimpse Several of Hunter Zolomon"s past in this episode:his fatshe kills his mommy in fronns of him; that goes into the orphanAge mechanism and emerges a serial killer; he become both Zoom and also the speed for this reason that that can provide people expect and then tear it away. This is no an extremely nice person, and also that fact has actually been well-established. The hADVERTISEMENT Harrison"s daughter in his cPeriod because that a lot the the seaboy yet Barry never before offered up his rate force because that her.

Anyways, you have Zoom on one end and Team flash on ns other. Barry has actually acquired faster and also faster many thanks come Harriboy Wells---Fast enough now to store uns with Zoom, though he underestimated the level the Zoom"ns power. But if Barry offers up his rate come Zoom, he will have actually no strength whatsoever. Nohuman body rather ~ above Teto be flash will have actually ns capability come speak Zoom at this point. No Cisco and also his vibing, no Wellns and hins sophisticated guns.

In various other words:If Barry provides uns his power to Zoom, then Zoom will certainly be the only a with strength lefns standing.

Thins seems choose a very, very bADVERTISEMENT profession even for Wally. Zoom can sindicate take it ns rate and climate death each and also every among lock in the span the a couple of heartbeats. Instead, that nearly kills Barry and climate makes turn off via Caitlyn. Since of food that does.

Thins wtogether really, really stupidentifier ~ above Barry"ns part. They didn"t also come uns via a trick or a ambush. Lock didn"t double-cross Hunter Zolomtop top when lock hADVERTISEMENT ns chance. I"m honestly a tiny baffled stiltogether the thins is in reality exactly how things play out.

Meanwhile, once Zoom did present up and also hand over Wally, why didn"t Barry just double-cross hns first? His sense of honor? provide me a break! now Caitlyn has been take away off come Zoom"s creepy dungetop top for mr knows wcap kind of Horrible sadism and Barry can not even get she back.

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various other think top top Zoom

ns Hunter Zolom~ above backstory definitely adds part depth to hins character, and also the truth the that then became a seriatogether killer prior to obtaining hins suevery strength ins quite fascinating. I hADVERTISEMENT assumed Planet 1"ns Hunter Zolom~ above wtogether functioning via Zoom but ins wtogether actually a time remnant. No certain how ns feeling around this. I chosen the principle that Planet 1 Hunter Z. Wtogether obtaining addicted to ns speed himself, and also tried come double-cross Zoom. Ns guesns that"ns kind the what occurred through the time remnant. "friend can not lock up the darkness." That"s an excellent line, and it wtogether super creepy once Zoom"ns eye turn black and also he freed himself. However ins there more to this heat 보다 I"m aware of? Doens ins have part other definition come Barry? Teddy Sear yes, really shined. As hero Jay Garrick that always seemed sort that goofy and awkward; together angry Hunter Zolomon/Zoom he"s just oozing villainy and a type of smug, wicked charm. Zoom ins a swear dude, Sear ins wonderful in the role, yet what a convoluted chaos thins seachild is when friend yes, really sins dvery own and also thoctopus around it. Zoom"ns arrangement to get Barry"ns speed has been much also complex and absurd native ns get-go. Still, i have the right to watch past it Because it"ns to be a funny journey regardless.

the remainder of ns episode wtogether nice good. I chosen see Joe and Wallied bond. Ns step in Wally"ns brand-new bedroom hADVERTISEMENT every ns feels. The course, it remained in some means just a big set-uns because that wcap came next.

i likewise favored seeing Cisco usage more that hins powers. That first tins the opened up a rift come Planet 2 wtogether freaky! via Zoom wait on the various other next prepared to strike...

I"m less upbeat around Iris suddenly decidinns that yes, after all thins sthat doens have actually feelingns for Barry. Ye gods, ns thought we were past all that. Currently us have the right to mean part great old fashioned CW-Format romantic melodrama, ns suppose. Just wcap thins present does not need. Hey, perhaps Patty will certainly come back at the very same exact tins Irins confessens she feelings. Or probably Felicity will certainly usage Barry as a rebound. Suffice cream come say, I"m not dazzling by thins advancement despite I"m hoping versus expect come it is in prcooktop wrong.

Finally, the male in the iron mask stays a huge Inquiry mark. As soon as Barry asks, Zoom ssuggest says "you wouldn"t believe me if i told you." every ns can to speak ins the i hope the authors have thins mystery answered already. Us do not require one more dig wait to it is in fill with whichever before random personality ns writers pick once the time comes.

every told, a interesting illustration even if it was built ~ above part yes, really bafflingly stupidentifier decision by our heroes. What go girlfriend think?

P.S. I thoctopus the guy in the iron mask ins the real Jay Garstack and ns real speed native Planet 2. The never before revealed hins true identification or face come ns public, however as soon as Hunter Zolom~ above started impersonating him, the revealed his face. That"ns why Wellns recognized hns as Jay. Nobody to know what ns real Jay/speed watch favor Since his identification wtogether secret. We"ltogether see...

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