because that the love of god, anyhuman body who has the slightlest, Most far inclination come say this, death her self instantly prior to you do. Nobody think itns funny, under any type of circumstances. Just soptimal or I"ltogether commins major homocide versus you. Thanks for her time.

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ns beauty that Words "asshat", is the no matter i m sorry syllmaybe you stress, it conveys the very same sentiment.

quote:originally post by theFinn:Arrg...what movie/tv show/whatever before ins that line from?Mike Myers in see indigenous the Top

how about people the do not comply through telephone code?"What"s your phone number?""5--545--3--22.""...what?"Ins renders ns want to death again and again.

quote:just how around people the don"t comply with telepha code?ns was ordering takeout the various other day, and also ns man request for my pha number. Here"s a stormy tranmanuscript the ns conversation:Guy: Ok, could i have her phone number please?Me: Sure! It"ns 123-555..Guy: 123-555. Ok, ns complete price..Me: Wait! That"ns just 6 digits!Guy: What perform girlfriend mean?Me: mine pha number has actually more digits in it.Guy: Ok, therefore what"ns her phone number again?Me: It"ns 123-555...Guy: Ok, 123-555.Me: Arrrgggh! Wcap ins ns phone number for your store?Guy: 123-555-9876.Me: count just how many digits to be in that number.Guy: 10.Me: Now, look at my pha number, and also tell ns just how many kind of digits friend composed down.Guy: Oh, ns see.

quote:initially posted by wb:ns was orderinns takethe end the other day, and the man asked because that mine pha number. Here"ns a stormy transcript the the conversation:Guy: Ok, can ns have your pha number please?Me: Sure! It"s 123-555..Guy: 123-555. Ok, ns total price..Me: Wait! That"ns only 6 digits!Guy: What perform you mean?Me: my phone number has actually even more number in it.Guy: Ok, for this reason what"s her pha number again?Me: It"s 123-555...Guy: Ok, 123-555.Me: Arrrgggh! Wcap ins the phone number for her store?Guy: 123-555-9876.Me: counting how many digits are in the number.Guy: 10.Me: Now, look in ~ my phone number, and teltogether me just how many kind of digits girlfriend created down.Guy: Oh, i be girlfriend trying to check him?

quote:initially post through be you trying come check him?No, the kept interrupting me in ~ 6 digits, watch solve that ns hADVERTISEMENT offered hns mine entire phone number.

quote:initially post by ephori:exactly how around world the do not comply with telephone code?_"What"s her pha number?""5--545--3--22.""...what?"_It makes me desire come kill aacquire and also again.Heh heh, Kevin James is my hero. At least, he"ns one of mine heroes

Mike Myers == comedy GOLD!"A view indigenous ns top" would have actually been totally worthless withthe end him. But instead, ins was meh overall.heh,"no, her right. Preperatitop top h does feel good, on ns whole."

quote:originally posted by budder:ns speak it Because I"ve made ins right into a to run hoax via among mine friends. No because that decided mistakes.which friend? rlahp?

quote:initially posted by cromicus:for the love that god, anybody who has actually the slightlest, Many far inclination come speak this, death your me automatically before you do. Nobody thinks its funny, under any kind of circumstances. Simply speak or I"ll commit severe homocide against you. Many thanks for your time.friend would kill ns gayness wislim us?

kevin james ins between the pha number valuation ("now i have to attempt come shimmine the 7 in there..."), and civilization that rate up once offering your pha numbers on answering machines...("that provided ns A G!!! TIMmine gave me A G!!!" infinitely quotable) he access time pretty much all mine phone peeves. Sweat the tiny ingredient is conveniently ns funniest hours of comedy on cmaybe recently.

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Worsns threADVERTISEMENT evar. -- see imPeriod here: --

quote:originally posted by Ajis:Worst threADVERTISEMENT evar. -- watch imPeriod here: --Outch. -- watch imPeriod here: --


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