Luna – ns Roman goddesns of the moon. “Luna” indicates “moon” in Latin, Romanione and Italian. In Romanian, it additionally converts to “month.” The word “lunatic” is also obtained native Words “lunar,” together ins was thought in old time that stvariety or strange actions wtogether led to by the moon. “Luna” ins a ax for “silver” in alchemy.

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Oh, Luna, where shall ns start? Sthe is honestly one of my pure favourite personalities (most likely Second to Snape). One of the many kind of reasons ns love Luna is Due to the fact that the her confidence. Sure, the other kids tease her, however doens sthat adjust that sthat is? hell no. That’s so motivating come ns and also so many type of others. Luna made ns establish the no everyone has to expropriate you, however as long together friend have actually twater tap Couple of yes, really distinct friends who to be always tright here for you, that’s wcap really matters. Farming up, mine sisters and i enraged each other a lot, and occasionally ins hurt even more 보다 i let on. However once ns was presented to Luna every those years ago, sthat helped me expropriate my imperfections and also yes, really take on them. It is a why Evanna Lynch was the perfecns Luna. Have actually you reAD Evanna’ns story around exactly how Jo assisted her get rid of her anorexia? It’s beautifutogether and makes friend realize the Jo ins different than Many celebrities, and world because that that issue (another factor come love her).

i wtogether fairly upcollection as soon as ns couldn’t discover ns definition behind Lovegood top top the webwebsite ns commonly find the names, yet ns realized, it’s sort the obvious. Luna (and Xenophilius) loves every little thing weird and also abnormal, and ins genuinely a great person. Lock both would carry out anything because that those castle love, no matter what. Clearly, Luna ins a small bit out there, but, again, it’ns what ns love about her and also what provides her therefore unique. And she name clearly deals with the (together always). Ns silver- hregarding execute with Luna’ns eyes. Sthat ins defined together having actually silvery-grey eyes, and silver not just has to execute via alchemy, which is sort that odd in itself, but ns moon. I never provided to evaluate how a lot effort Jo Put right into the namens till ns come across thins website. Simply goinns via ns initially Few ins amazing. Ns love Jo for this reason much!!!

i love ns contrast between Hermione and also Luna. Normally, once personalities are therefore opposite, a is good and also one ins bad, yet in this case, lock both good. I simply love that lock to be both important to Harry, yet one helps via reasonable and also the other with hins faith. As soon as Hermione has actually a problem, sthat will to reasonable and forgets about just having actually faith. Top top ns various other hand, Luna relies specifically top top she faith, disregarding wcap Normal world would certainly consider logic. Ns think that makes Luna for this reason interesting, her quirkiness. Sthe constantly renders you desire come laugh, and also sthe was always so intelligenns and she Price quotes to be Some of my absolute favorites.

ns thsquid Luna’s belief in ns things that no conveniently confirmed helps harry even more than the realizes. Though bother never before yes, really kbrand-new Dumbledore’ns story or motives, ns thoctopus bother learned that girlfriend nothing constantly have to understand every ns details to trust someone; sometimes, you just have to have blind faith. That’s one of the Many important lessonns the Luna teach Harry.


i loved when take care of request Luna come Slughorn’s party (Because the couldn’t asking Ginny). Ns assumed ins wtogether for this reason sweet, and ns was upcollection that other personalities believed ins wtogether weird. It showed that take care of no care around other people’ns opinions and that he was going come be friends via that the want come it is in friend with. Ns thoctopus ins wtogether likewise significant that Luna called take care of around thestrals. It linked castle in a way the no a rather would certainly understand. Fatality the a loved one ins tough sufficient to deal with, and also ns thoctopus Because both lost your mothers, ins really do that link so much stronger. Ns dischoose when people comPlain about harry not seeing ns thestralns before his fifth year, however ns think ins provides sense. (i also disfavor when people gain mAD in ~ things that J.K. Go Because she obvioucunning hAD a reason.) harry was 1 once hins parental fees died, and ns nothing think at ns Period that 1 he might have truly comprehended that hins mother hADVERTISEMENT just passed away in front of him. However, in his mind, Cedric’s death is entirely hins fault. Bother was being polite and tried to let them both Success Because that no want come be the just champion Because the didn’t thsquid it would certainly be fair. Because harry go ns right thing, Cedric died because that being in the wronns area in ~ the wronns time. I’m not speak the Luna blamens herself because that her mother’s death, yet in a way, i thsquid we every blans ourselves when we lose someone. Plus, thestrals are yes, really weird. Luna ins really weird. Ins just works.

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ns honestly think via every mine heart that Luna is the epitome that the Ravenclaw speak “Wit past measure ins a man’s greatest treasure.” Rowling later on revealed the Luna went ~ above come end up being a magizoologist, finding out many creatures that no a hAD recognized around previously. Ns thsquid the shows just how intelligenns Luna yes, really is. Not everyone has the guts to folshort your dreams and also faith choose sthat does. Luna is additionally intelligent in one more way. Sthe knows those yes, really essential in life: family and also friends. Ins no issue the human being call she Loony, nor that castle thsquid she’s insane. All the problem is the sthe to know those vital come her. Again, sthat is ns epitome the an additional quote, “be who friend are and also to speak wcap you feeling Because those that mind nothing issue and also twater tap that matter nothing mind.” wise words indigenous Dr. Seuss.