ns great my father was here...Hello, son!Timmy Turner, mine name ins Doug DimmadomeOwner the the Dimsdale DimmaDimmaDome.say thanks to girlfriend for locating my long-lost sonDale Dimmadome, succession to ns Dimmadome fortune.(Repeat x4)Douns Dimmadome? ns owner of ns Dimsdale Dimmadome?That's right, Douns Dimmadome, owner that ns Dimsdale Dimmadome!Douns come ns Dimma to ns Dimma come the Dome.Owner of the Dimsdale DimmaDimmaDome!give thanks to you because that locatinns my long-shed sonDale Dimmadome, succession to ns DimmaDimmaDome!Dale come ns Dome to ns Dale come the Doug.Timmine Turner, mine surname is Douns Douns Dale!thank you for locating mine long-lost sauceDale Doug Douns Douns Dimma Dimma Doug Dale!Douns come the Doug come the Douns come the DOUGTimmine Turner, mine surname is Dou-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ulug ~ above ns mustard! (lug top top ns mustard!)handle ins with ease! (handle ins through DOUG)Timmine to ns Turner come ns Douns Dimmadome.Owner the the Doug Dimmadons Doug DaleTimmy Turner, my surname is Doug DimmaDougDouns Douns Doug DOUg DOUg DOUg DOUns

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Where can i dimmadownloAD dimmathis

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so i gave girlfriend the golden CHEESE

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No ns no this ins perfection

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ever desire come dimmadie before?

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Dimma Dimma Dimma Dimma Dimma Dimma Dimma Dome

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Timmine Turner my name ins dddddddddddddddddd

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Shii fya

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why does this unironically slap-

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welp, i'ltogether be dimmadamned

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well, i'll be dimmadamned

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execute kinda slans tho

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