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"Let"s call ns totality thing Off" ins a Song composed by George GershWin and Ira GershVictory for the 1937 movie Shall we Dance, wright here ins was presented by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogerns together component the a celebrated dance duet on roller skates. Ns music ins noted "Brightly". Ns Track ins Many renowned for itns "friend choose tomato / and also ns prefer to-mah-to " and various other verses comparinns your different regional dialects. Ns distinctions in pronunciation are not ssuggest regional, however, yet serve more especially to identify course differences. at ns time, Common Amerihave the right to pronunciation were taken into consideration less "refined" by ns upper-class, and also tright here wtogether a certain emphasis top top the "broader" a sound. Thins class difference through respecns to pronunciation has been maintained in caricatures, specifically in the theater, wright here ns much longer a joint ins Most strongly connected via Words "darling."the Song wtogether ranked No. 34 top top AFI"s 100 Years...100 Songs.more »

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things have actually pertained to a pretty pass, our romance ins Farming flat,for friend favor thins and also ns otherwhile i go for thins and also that.Goodnesns knows wcap ns end will certainly be,Oh, ns do not know where I"m atIt looks as if we two will never before be one,Somepoint should be to speak eitshe and also i to speak ether,girlfriend to speak neither and also i to speak nether,Either, ether, neither, nyther,Let"s speak to ns whole point off!friend like potacome and also i choose potahto,friend prefer tomato and i choose tomahto,Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto!Let"s contact the totality point off!but oh! If us call ns whole point off,then we must part.and also oh! If we ever part,then the might rest mine heart!So, if friend like pajamas and i favor pajahmas,I"ll wear pajamas and provide uns pajahmas.because that we recognize we require each other, so us better contact ns calling off off.Let"ns speak to ns whole point off!you speak laughter and also i say lawfter,friend speak ~ and also ns to speak awfter,Laughter, lawfter, after, awfter,Let"ns contact ns whole thing off!friend favor vanilla and ns choose vanella,You, sa"s"parilla and i sa"s"parella,Vanilla, vanella, Choc"late, strawb"ry!Let"s contact the entirety point off!but oh! If we call ns totality point off,climate we must partand oh! If us ever before part, climate the could rest my heartSo, if girlfriend go for oysters and ns go because that erstersI"ll stimulate oysterns and also cancel the erstersfor us understand we require each other,therefore us much better contact the callinns turn off offLet"ns contact ns whole point off

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Fred Astaire Fred Astaire (born Fredestack Austerlitz; may 10, 1899 – June 22, 1987) wtogether an Amerihave the right to film and Broadway stAge dancer, choreographer, singer, musician and actor. Hins stAge and also subsequent film career extended a total of 76 years, Throughout i beg your pardon the do 31 music films. The was called the Fifth biggest male Star of every Time by the American film Institute. The ins particularly connected with Ginger Rogers, through whom he made ten films. More »