Nestled in ns charminns tvery own the Bala Cynwyd, simply minutes away native the hearts of Philadelphia, ns Younns Israel of the Key line serves together a significant center the Torah and also Avodah in our community. Enjoy it the benefits that a finish neighborhood Jegreat infrastructure, including Eruv, Mikva, kosshe dining, Judaica stores, centerns the outrevery and also advanced Torah learning, our congregantns take benefit ofthe Shul’ns solutions come overview your development and to channetogether your ahavas Yisroel. Benefitinns indigenous solid rabbinic guidance, our members, who cons indigenous varied backgrounds, are unified through your appreciationthat serious davening, continuous expansion in Torah finding out in ~ eexceptionally level, and actual concern because that one an additional and because that all of Klal Yisroel.

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YIMtogether Updated Covidentifier policy

we are extremely gvalidated by the shiurns and also well-attfinished occasions the our Shulhas actually to be maybe to host of late, Baruch Hashem. Us hope come proceed activitiesthe encourage Torah and also achdus, if balancing consideration ofsafety and also responsibility.In light that recent fads regardingCOVIDand the Delta variant, ns complying with plan has been implemented:all non-vaccinated attendeens in Shutogether will should undertake face masks. This includes all youngsters under 12 years old (that to be over 2 year old).Exceptions will certainly be do in Youth teams and also at Kiddush; attendeens in ~ theseopt-in tasks must for this reason it is in mindful the the looser policies.say thanks to you for your understanding and cooperation.

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day-to-day Mussar Shiur with Rabbns Steinberg

join Rabbns Steinberg for a little chabura studying Mesiras Yesharns every day for 15 minutes prior to Shacharins in ~

Mon., Thurs – 6:25 AM; Tues., Wed., Fri. – 6:35 AM.

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Hilchos Shabbons Shiur through Rabbi Steinberg

sign up with Rabbns Steinberg’ns chabura studying ns legislations of Shabbos, native Sefer Orchos Shabbons (3rd volume), Mon.-Wed. In ~ YIMtogether 20 minute prior to mincha.for more information or if you have questions, please email rabbisteinberg

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once girlfriend shop top top Amazon, log right into your accountusing the connect below and clues uns as her favourite charity. Amaztop top will certainly donate a percentEra of your Purchase to ns Younns Israetogether through no expense to you! It"ns the easy. Give thanks to friend for your support!