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her Resistance just makes mine Cock Harder ins a FailBelow commonly linked through a screenshot of ns half-human-half-horse personality Stallion from ns adulns 1999 anime series Wordns Worth. a picture macro combining the 2 showed up virtual as early together 2004 ~ above YTMND, becoming popularized top top ns 4cha boards /b/ and also /a/ in ns year following, and showing up in and also motivating More imAge macros.


between august 1999 and November 2000, a five-part hentai unique title Words Worth,<1> based on ns RPns of the exact same name, wtogether released in Japan. On June 11th, 2004, YTMND<2> user scottv007 posted a webpAge consistinns the an image macro showing the character Stallion<3> indigenous ns series, a "lecherous half-horse, half-Human being officer" that typically kidnapns and also rapens women, acquiring excited once lock struggle, over a steed sound effect through message reading, "your Resistance only renders mine Cock Harder" (shown below). Ns website got over 4,700 views in 17 year and ins ns earliesns recognized use that ns imAge macro.


ns imEra macro soon spreAD to imageboards, especially 4chone boards /b/ (random) and also /a/ (anime). Ns Lurk More<4> pAge for "her resistance just renders mine Cock harder!" says of ns meme"s origins top top 4chan:

component that ns humour approximately the mens is the equines (particularly steed cock) is a fairly touchy topic via many Anonymous, especially in ns non-workfor sure boards like /b/ and also /gif/ wright here ins is perceived with hatred and also horror. Naturally, ins became funny come spam the imAge approximately simply come upcollection people, though it"ns likewise funny Due to the fact that steed rape ins simply too weird. Many type of anonymous currently thsquid of Stallitop top whenever castle watch horses in anime, and also criens the "RESISTANCE!" are no unTypical as soon as one happen come appear.


ns sentence take it turn off as a catchexpression virtual over the food the ns next decade, often attached come images of equines or other characters strikinns equivalent expressions to Stallitop top (Examples shown below, lefns and also right).<5><6>


top top July 29th, 2011,<9> user Anotubus posted a redrawn version the the meme explicate Stalli~ above as a my little bit Pony: Friendship Is Magic character (presented below). It is unwell-known that developed this image.

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~ above July 20th, 2016, DeviantArt<7> user Minekohappy post a redrawn version the the screenswarm featuring Stallitop top as Mudsdale from Pokemon. The day, ns catchphrase was included come ins in a draw threADVERTISEMENT top top /vp/ and also uploaded come understand her Meme<8> (shown below).